"Amorn Warranty"
Amorn Warranty is a family owned  and operated as a leading operator in pre-owned Mercedes Benz and BMW retailer in Thailand. Since its initial established in 1966, Amorn Warranty has grown to become the largest pre-owned Mercedes Benz and BMW dealership in Thailand. The company has achieved its success through a strategy that leverages management experience and emphasizes geographic and brand diversity, interrelated revenue streams, operational efficiencies and the prudent deployment of capital.

We are conveniently to buy, sell and trade pre-owned vehicles. You can find the car which fulfills your needs and expectations with our excellent vehicles and customer service. We offer a large variety of vehicles fitting everybody's budget and desires at competitive prices. It's our goal to assist you to find the best car, provide you perfect car buying experience and the most important; excellent car ownership experience. Amorn Warranty considers customer satisfaction to be our highest priority.
There are 7 Companies under "Amorn Group" (Ampak Holding Co.,Ltd.)

1. BMW Amorn Prestige (Amorn Prestige Co., Ltd.)
(authorized BMW dealer in Thailand)

Ratchadapisek Branch (tel) +6625139555
2nd Floor Future Park Rangsit (Studio) Branch (tel) 025139234

Facebook :

2. Vespa Amorn (Amorn Ratchada 1966 Co.,Ltd.)
(authorized Vespa dealer in Thailand)

Tel 029390055 ext. 698
Facebook :

3. Benz Amorn Ratchada (Benz Amorn Ratchada Co.,Ltd.)
(Certified Used Mercedes Benz and BMW - Showroom & Service Center)

Tel 029390055 ext. 107

4. AV (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd.
(organizations, universities, museums, TV Channels, advertising and public relations agencies)

Tel 029390055 ext. 675

5. บริษัท เอเอ็มจีพีไอ จำกัด
(Fitness (Anatomic Fitness) Health Massage (Aras)

Anatomic Fitness
Tel 029390055 ext. 616

Tel 029390055 ext. 626

6. Stars Serv (AMR Autopart and Service Co.,Ltd.)
(full-service automotive solutions company: includes Auto Insurance Claims, Car inspections  etc.)
Tel 029390055 ext. 670,672

7. AMG Insure Broker Co.,Ltd.
(insurance broker and risk consultant)

Tel 029390055 ext. 421

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